ICO the New Method of Funding Startups

ICO initial coin offering is one of the new ways that small businesses are using to grow their capital. Most of the businesses that use this method prefer it as opposed to going the traditional way of bank funding. The funds that are obtained through this method go to act as the capital of the business. The funding is done through the crypto currency that is unregulated. Many businesses are now adopting the idea and marketing their ICO to potential buyers.

How to market your ICO

Does your business model fit?

Before you think about marketing your ICO, you first need to ask yourself if the business model that you have will fit the method of funding. You should be able to integrate the model into your business and still market the business.

ICO on keyboard

ICO consultant will always assess your business to determine if incorporating cryptocurrency will be beneficial.

Identify your potential customers

You should know your potential customers even before you think about marketing your ICO. The world of digital currency is still fresh, and some people still do not understand how it works. You need to take time and decide whether you want to educate people who know nothing about digital currency or you want people already in the know.

Marketing ICO to people who already know how it works might be easy but be prepared to answer all their questions. The ones who know nothing about it might be curious and end up investing.

Give insights

When advertising your ICO, you need to give your clients all the insight they need. Make sure that you have a good business pitch that will convince your clients. You need to have a story about your business. Make your clients feel that they are contributing to a course and not just any other investment. Many investors only invest in something that they have a good understanding about.


Consult professionals

It is impossible to push the ICO idea on your own, and you need brains behind it. If possible, get the services of a consultant and marketing agency to help you with the marketing. You can concentrate on other activities while the marketing is done by someone else.


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