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Three Finance Tips to Afford Higher Education

Many millennials decide to work right after they graduate from high schools. The primary reason for such a pattern is the forever increasing cost of education. Tuition fees and living expense rise every year. And spending another $30,000 to $40,000 for school seems to be impossible.

That fact is undeniably true. However, it does not mean that you shall give up the idea of continuing your study entirely. Here are three finance tips that can help you to afford your academic passion.

Applying for a Student Loan

This finance strategy may sound like a cliche piece of advice, but it is the most reasonable option you have. Nevertheless, you must understand the types of your loan so that you will not regret your decision later.

First, there are two primary types of student loan: state-sponsored and private-sponsored. State-sponsored loans are often easy to get and have non-burdening terms such as low/fixed interests and negotiable settlement. Check out this very interesting article about private student loan settlement by clicking here.

However, such benefits do not mean that private loans are less advantageous. With a good credit score, private loans will grant you the budget you need significantly quicker than the state-sponsored loans. If you involve your parents as consigners, they may be freed from the agreements if you manage to make the payment on time and fulfill some other minor requirements. This feature is not available in the state-sponsored loans.

Planning for a Part-Time Job

a freelance worker on laptop If your budget is just enough for the tuition fees, then you have to work extra for your dream. Having a part-time job may be your solution. However, if you think of making money from working as a waiter or cashier, then you may still have a hard time getting through your monthly expenses.

This section offers you an entirely different strategy. First, you have to think of the potential of your skills. For example, if you speak more than one language, then you must build your portfolio in translation and transcription jobs. And the easiest way to develop your track record is by offering free service. Then, you must create a LinkedIn account and write all of your works there. After you are confident with that field, you can start selling your service. Platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Elance, Freelancer, Guru, and 99designs provide you with countless opportunities to make money from your laptop.

Living a Frugal Lifestyle

a piggy bankThe most financially dreadful thing about college life is the temptation to spend money on lavish activities and stuff, such as fashion trends and parties. You have to focus on your life and remember all the pay dues you must fulfill by the time you finish your college. Moreover, do not make mistakes that can lead to class absence because it may exclude you from receiving a bonus from your loan.

You also need to learn to cook by yourself. Eating fast food every day may seem like a quick solution for your hunger, but in the long-term, you may damage your health, and you must spend more money to recover. You have to remind yourself that you cannot afford to get sick and weak, not with all of those payment deadlines ahead of you.…

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Advantages of Using Credit Cards

Imagine you were cruising one of the busiest highways in your town and you happen to check the gas gauge and see it has hit the zero mark. What will you do here? Normally you will drive to the next gas refill station to refill. But what happens if you forgot to carry money and happen to belong to an era where credit cards are non-existent? You may be stuck for hours. This is what finance credit cards offer: convenience. The use of credit has grown exponentially over the years in most parts of the world such as North America. Despite the convenience offered by this financial facility, some people have remained adamant to embrace the used of finance credit cards to carry transactions. After reading this article, you will be thoroughly convinced and satisfied on why you should have a paradigm shift of the use of finance credit cards.


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One of the benefits finance credit cards offer is convenience. Supposed you were carrying a credit when you were traveling and your gas depleted, but you did not have money, you will only require checking into the filling station and providing the credit card for swapping. Credit cards allow you to buy goods even when you do have money with you.

Safe Means of Transaction

With credit cards, you don’t have to worry much about its safety. A person is more vulnerable to be robbed while carrying liquid money compared when an individual is carrying a credit card. Besides, credit cards have pins that must be entered for an individual to access money. Most credit cards provide three attempts after which if one enters a wrong pin a card gets blocked. This secures your money.

Making Payments Globally

online finance Before the advent of credit cards, the business community primarily relied on interbank money transfers for one to make payments. The process was slow, and people ended up missing on opportunities. However, credit cards have made e-commerce a lucrative industry. International companies such as Mastercard and Visa allows customers to make purchases timely at the comfort of the homes. International business has been improved courtesy of finance credit cards.

Overdraft Facility

This is one of the exciting features that credit cards offer. Imagine being allowed money even if you don’t have. Credit cards allow you to withdraw above your account balance. This is very convenient especially when one runs out of money.…

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ICO the New Method of Funding Startups

ICO initial coin offering is one of the new ways that small businesses are using to grow their capital. Most of the businesses that use this method prefer it as opposed to going the traditional way of bank funding. The funds that are obtained through this method go to act as the capital of the business. The funding is done through the crypto currency that is unregulated. Many businesses are now adopting the idea and marketing their ICO to potential buyers.

How to market your ICO

Does your business model fit?

Before you think about marketing your ICO, you first need to ask yourself if the business model that you have will fit the method of funding. You should be able to integrate the model into your business and still market the business.

ICO on keyboard

ICO consultant will always assess your business to determine if incorporating cryptocurrency will be beneficial.

Identify your potential customers

You should know your potential customers even before you think about marketing your ICO. The world of digital currency is still fresh, and some people still do not understand how it works. You need to take time and decide whether you want to educate people who know nothing about digital currency or you want people already in the know.

Marketing ICO to people who already know how it works might be easy but be prepared to answer all their questions. The ones who know nothing about it might be curious and end up investing.

Give insights

When advertising your ICO, you need to give your clients all the insight they need. Make sure that you have a good business pitch that will convince your clients. You need to have a story about your business. Make your clients feel that they are contributing to a course and not just any other investment. Many investors only invest in something that they have a good understanding about.


Consult professionals

It is impossible to push the ICO idea on your own, and you need brains behind it. If possible, get the services of a consultant and marketing agency to help you with the marketing. You can concentrate on other activities while the marketing is done by someone else.


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Bad Spending Habits

Many people are faced with a problem of spending money than what they earn. This has forced many people to become indebted. You will find these individuals retaining their cherished buys, yet they cannot enjoy. Most of the indebted people are always in concomitant stress and joyless mood for long periods. Even if some of them will make an effort of getting out of this situation, you will still find some being trapped or stuck in this cycle. The following are the main attitudes and behaviours which make people become indebted.

Failure to budget

calculator, coins and paperwork

Many folks do not budget for their earnings. Such people believe that a budget is a constraint. A budget is helpful in guiding people in getting to their goals. It is very wrong to spend money without budgeting. The budget prepared should be implemented. Budgeting is a process which helps people to consider challenges and opportunities which will come in future. The budget made should be reviewed and updated on a regular basis as the events change. Planning and saving money for any emergency that may arise is another important thing that needs to be done when budgeting.

Ignoring consequences of decisions

People, many are spendthrifts. These people are not aware that overspending can reduce your ability to do something important in future. You will always find them doing anything they can to secure an item they are interested in and then start blaming other people after incurring huge debts.

Failure to follow a spending procedure

Failure to follow a spending procedure can make you remain indebted forever. They consider this procedure as unnecessary and time-consuming. Even without such a process, it is always important to look for other alternatives which would help you in saving money.

Easy credit

bank cards

It is very easy and cheap to get credit. Credit is invisible money which people spend confidently and then pay for years later. Sometimes you might see some folks having more than three credit cards. Such individuals will be juggling their monthly payments for a long period. Any person having a credit card should focus on fixing his behaviour and attitude instead of just fixing the credit scores. However, most people are known for spending consistently on credit. Such people are faced with emotional stress in their lives.

No accountability

Most people will spend and spend without accounting to anyone. This is an issue which affects many families. For instance, the money spent by a husband will distract his wife.



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Forex Trading Tips

Trading successfully in the forex market is very complicated especially for the beginners. Many people have unrealistic goals and think it is easy to get rich in a short period. Forex trading can be one of the most overwhelming activities especially to those people who are new to it. The following are some of the essential tips which would make you successful in forex trading.

Choosing your broker wisely

man and trading graph

The process involved in choosing a broker is very critical. You are advised to take your time checking recommendations and reviews of the different brokers. This will significantly help you in choosing the best broker. It is worth to remember that there are many fake brokers who are after your money. Any authorized broker should be licensed by the relevant authority.

Creating your strategy

Your trading currency tips will not be complete without mentioning strategies. Failure to create an action plan is one of the common mistakes made by beginner traders. Traders are advised to figure out what they are interested in getting out of trading. As a trader, you can achieve this by making sure that you have clear goals in your mind.

Controlling your emotions

You should stop being carried away by emotions. Sometimes traders are faced with difficult times after experiencing a losing streak. One can easily make competent choices or decisions by controlling his or her emotions. Traders should always be rational. Emotions can expose someone to unnecessary risks.

Taking emotions

This is another great forex tip. Traders are advised to take some time away from their computers especially after undergoing through some stressful trading sessions. Dealing with multiple streams of data and opening several computer windows can make someone become pressurized. Taking time away from work will enable you to recollect your thoughts. Your body will be more focused and calmer after the break.

Analyzing your trades

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This is an important forex tip which should be followed on a daily basis. This involves keeping a journal of all your trading activities. This will be helpful when you are monitoring your performance or finding your trading patterns. A well-established pattern will help you in avoiding the past mistakes. A journal is also helpful in improving someone’s discipline.


Learning step-by-step

Just like with the other learning activities, forex trading is an activity which requires one to follow a step-by-step approach. You should start with the basics and then move on slowly until you are fully conversant with the playing field. Moving slowly and steady will eventually help you in winning the race.




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